Today I would like us to talk about nails, and more specifically about where to buy non toxic nail polish. I know that I have not talked about nails in my blog and you are probably wondering why I don’t do posts about nails and nail polish.

Well, the truth is I did not want to talk about nail polish and then leave you without telling you where to buy non toxic nail polish. Because there is no point discussing toxins in nail polish, and then just leave it at that.

Meaning I had to work hard and do some research to find you alternative to the toxic nail polish that is so widely sold. I also had to educate myself on the health hazards of being exposed to these toxins.

So of course we are going to start by looking at the nail polish and what toxins it could contain and what the risks are when exposed to these toxins.

I will start by talking about a chemical called Dibutyl phthalate DBP this chemical that fall in the group of chemicals called Phithalates, is used in nail polish to prevent chipping, now the first thing I have to mention is, if you are vegan, you should not use a nail polish that contains this chemical because it is tested on animals, and also it is not good for your health.

Now lets look at what could happen to you if you are exposed to these chemicals for a long time and especially if you are a nail artist or a manicurist. I have to just start by saying if you are expecting or maybe thinking of trying to conceive, stay away from these chemicals.

Lets look at another ingredient to be careful about Formaldehyde, long exposure to this chemical can cause a lot of serious health issues including Asthma, nausea and it can even cause you to lose your baby if you are expecting.

Titanium Dioxide and aluminum powder, these two ingredient could cause a lot of lung and breathing problems so the nail artists and manicurists have to be extra careful because they are exposed to these toxins on a daily basis, especially those working outside Europe because here in Europe these toxins are banned from cosmetics, skincare and personal hygiene products.

Polish removers too have harsh chemicals

And its not just nail polish you also have to be careful of polish remover too, because most removers also contain chemicals that are very harmful. Things like Toluene, you really need to stay clear of this chemical because it increases chances of developing blood cancer, it can cause build up of toxins in bloodstream causing weakening of immune system.

OK, I know I have scared you a bit but this is something you need to know, of course it doesn’t mean that your manicure is going to kill you tomorrow, it just means that if you are exposed to these chemicals for long time, you are putting your health in danger, so the best thing is to avoid nail polish that contains these chemical, especially if you are dealing with nail polish every day.

Protect your unborn child

For pregnant women and nursing mothers, I say stay away from these products period. try to find nail polish that is safe for your health, so you can also protect your baby, you really don’t want to expose your child to these toxins.

So now I bet you are saying well, how do I know where to buy non toxic nail polish? I recommend that if you do your beauty products at Sephora, go to the nail polish section and you need to look at the bottle and if it says 3 free, it means its free of 3 main toxic chemicals.

But what you are really aiming for is to find one that says 5 free, this means its free of 5 main toxic chemicals. Keep in mind that the 3 free kinds still may contain 2 toxic chemicals.

If you want to purchase your nail polish online, there are brands that are 100% safe that you could consider, and these are Zoya, Piggy Paint and honey Bee Gardens.

Photo by 100%pure

I should also add my two favorite green beauty brands that make natural non toxic nail polish, starting with 100%Pure Cosmetics their products are always natural and are also cruelty free and they have amazing colors to chose from.

And butter London They too have great stuff lots of colors to choose from, non toxic and cruelty free
->>click here to check them out

So as you can see you do have options when it comes to non toxic nail polish. you can have your manicure and peddy without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals.

Business owners need to protect their employees

If you are a nail salon owner, I suggest you try to at least buy products that are 5 free so you and your employees can work in a safe environment where they are not risking their health by being exposed to toxic products, although if it were up to me, all nail salons would use natural non toxic nail polish.

I hope I have given you great tips and I hope next time you go nail polish shopping, you will pay closer attention to those ingredients, and make sure you are not buying a toxic polish.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you will leave me a comment and tell me what you think about what I have written, your view is very important to me.

Thank you for your time.


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