the essential oils of greece

Today I would like us to talk about The essential oils of Greece, the country  is simply magical, when you visit Greece and especially the islands, you will be surprised as to how beautiful these places are, but the most amazing thing that you will notice as soon as you land at the airport and especially if you land in the evening in the spring or summer months, is the fragrance that fills the air.

If you visit the Greek islands you will be amazed by the beautiful scent in the air

the essential oils of greece

The mixture of herbs like Sage, Oregano, thyme, Rosemary and Lavender just to name a few, infused with wild Jasmin and Marjoram the scent is absolutely amazing, it puts you in that holiday mood and you can actually start feeling like your stress levels are going down you start to relax immediately, you even forget that you are tired from the flying and you just start feeling happy. these herbs are used to make essential oils of Greece and the Greek essential oils are some of the best in the world.

This is because the herbs are grown in the wild and they are 100% organic, as a matter of fact when you drive up the mountains, you can see big bushes of Lavender just growing in the wild as well as sage and even oregano, this natural and organic way of growing these herbs makes them retain all their natural healing and calming abilities.

Greek People are very used to using herbs, they use them in cooking, and they also use them by extracting essential oils to be used in skin care products like soaps, creams, and even body fragrance, they are also used in spas in massage oils. just recently I was lucky enough to try a homemade body fragrance that was made out of Lavender and roses, the scent was amazing.

The Olive oil is very important too, not only for food but for beauty too

The fact that Greece is also blessed with olive trees it makes it the best place to find the best skincare products especially if you just buy products from the small villages where products are made the same way they were made many years ago all natural without any harsh chemicals. Greek women are so beautiful even the older ones because apart from consuming the Mediterranean diet, they also use olive oil products which are infused with different essential oils and that means they are very beneficial to the skin.

I love watching the Greek women especially the ones who have not been influenced by social media, because the ones who are influenced they do change the color of their hair and make it blonde and I think that is a shame because I think greek women have the most beautiful hair, I saw a beautiful Greek woman the other day with a long wavy  shiny silky hair, and I couldn’t help but stare ( I know creepy 🙂 ) but she was so beautiful with her beautiful brown eyes and sun-kissed skin, absolutely gorgeous.

So I really don’t know why most of the young Greek women choose to color their hair blond, but I guess that’s their choice and I must respect that, I guess the desire for the Greek women to have fair hair can be traced back to ancient Greece where your beauty was determined by how fair your hair and skin was, I guess its a case of desiring what you do not have. But Greeks have always been very beautiful people, but even in ancient Greece, the women and in some cases men found ways to lighten their hair and stayed away from the sun so their skin doesn’t get dark.

I guess Ancient Greece has also influenced the modern perspective of beauty

the essential oils of greece

But from Ancient Greece all through generations, olive oil, and essential oils have been very important in beauty, the ancient Greek woman used olive oil on skin and hair and they also used it to create some paint that was made out of charcoal powder mixed with olive oil, which they used to line their eyes, so some form of eyeliner.

There are many beauties described both in history and in Greek Mythology, but being beautiful was not simply just something to look at, it stood for being favored by the gods so if you were beautiful in the ancient Greece it almost meant you possessed magical powers, one of the women who is known to possess such beauty is Helen of Troy, her beauty was so magical that she was believed to bewitch men and make them do whatever she said.

But perhaps it’s her confidence that made her beautiful, well, I wasn’t there so we will never know for sure, but the truth of the matter is if people thought a child is beautiful, they would shower her with praises and tell her that she or he is favored by the gods, so hey what a way to boost one’s confidence right?

So if you want a beautiful skin that will make you look like you have been favored by the gods, then i suggest you try olive oil products that are infused with essential oils from the mountains of Greek islands and you will feel and look brand new, if you are planning a summer vacation to the Greek Islands, please grab some skincare products from the small local shops or as we call them, the Mini markets.

Make your own Olive oil body oil mixed with your favorite essential oil

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and I hope you will find the goddess in yourself, and remember you don’t have to go to Greece to get these products although it would be nice to get them from the Islands but you can actually make your own, just grab a bottle of organic cold pressed olive oil and get your favorite essential oil and start making your own Greek body oil which you can use on any part of your body and you will see how good it will be for your skin or hair.

Thank you so much for reading this, I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope it will help you with your skincare, if you have questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be very happy to interact with you, have you been to Greece or to the Greek Islands? did you like it? did you buy any skincare products? please let me know.

Thank you so much for your time


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