Donkey milk skincare
Donkey Milk skincare Products

I would like us to talk about strange beauty products that are in the market today. From Charcoal mask to placenta cream yuk!  its amazing how far human beings would go for beauty especially women. I was just running errands today when I stopped at shop to pick up something and at the entrance I noticed a small stand which was marked Donkey skin products.

So naturally I got curious and went closer, I thought maybe, they were products for Donkeys, and I wanted to see what they do to donkey’s skin. I was very surprised to find that they were actually products made of Donkey milk for human skincare, there were lots of creams, lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners. See the photos below that I took.

In Africa We Use Camel Milk

I know in Africa we do use Camel milk to make beauty treatments like masks but I didn’t know that internationally there are products made of Donkey milk, then I started researching and found that Donkey milk is nothing compare to snail slime. Imagine smearing snail slime all over your face( you should see my face as I am typing this)


I don’t know about Snail cream

I swear  if the only thing that would smooth wrinkles was snail slime or a snake venom, then I’d be in trouble. This snail trend apparently was popular thousands of years ago in Greece and now the Koreans have brought it back and its spreading everywhere despite the fact that lab studies have not confirmed that it really can help your skin in any way.

Snake venom face cream
Snake venom Face Cream

Snake  venom Face cream?

Snake venom,yup, if the snail wasn’t crazy enough, snake venom, is apparently better than Botox, according to a skincare company called Sonya Dakar the anti aging properties found in their synthetic version of a cobra venom, will make you look younger within a short time. And may I also mention that they are the makers of stem cell age control cream.

Now here is something I would try

Charcoal, actually after reading about the snake and snail treatments, perhaps charcoal doesn’t sound so bad. There is a charcoal mask that has become very popular especially among young people. The goal of using the charcoal mask, is to unplug your pores and clear your skin of toxins. I would actually try this one.

Definitely will try this one 

Seaweed, sea weed I would actually try, it doesn’t sound so bad, actually seaweed contains healing properties that could be beneficial to your skin, so perhaps we could try this one what do you think? I think I will order this one I like it.

Please share with me some of strange beauty products or routines you’ve seen or heard of. leave me a comment and I will reply. Thank you for your time and for reading.


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