Today we are going to talk about, pros and cons of going green beauty, first Let’s look at what green beauty is. green beauty is when you use natural products on your skin and hair, whether its creams make up or shampoos and conditioners. When it comes to makeup, I have to admit its not very easy because the beauty industry does not provide us with many options.

But there some makeup brands out there that are dedicated to making natural products, the problem is these products are mainly sold online and so its not easy to just walk into a beauty shop and find what you are looking for. I think the green beauty is growing and l hope soon it will be possible to walk into any beauty shop and find a section where you can just purchase your natural products to your heart’s desires.

I also think that, if more people both men and women, buy these products, then the industry will grow and maybe even the big brands will embrace the green beauty and eliminate toxins from makeup, I can see the big brands have now eliminated parabens from things like shampoos and face creams and even in makeup, but much more have to be done, we need to eliminate all these toxins from skincare and makeup products.

Is it Too much to ask from a product?

I guess the customer is partly to blame for demanding too much from a product, for example when I buy a tube of lipstick, I want to apply it in the morning and I want it to last all day, well, that is good if it can be achieved without harsh chemicals, but what some brands do, is to put strong dyes into the lipstick to achieve the lasting power, but to be honest, I don’t see why they need to do that.

I mean look at beetroot, how much color does a beetroot contain, loads, why can’t they come up with a way to utilize that color, and make a long-lasting lipstick out of it.

I mean there are so many plants and flowers out there that they can use to make a super safe and lasting make up, to be honest I am researching on how to make my own lipstick out of beetroot, I am obsessed with beetroot and its color.

Many women and men who use makeup, they find it difficult to go green beauty because Let’s face it, some of these products do cost more than the usual products, for example when I was doing my research for Top 5 makeup kits, Click Here to read that post. I was finding makeup kits that cost less, than the natural ones.

We need more bold statement colors

 Another problem is that the natural makeup most of them don’t have bold and strong colors, there is just two brands actually that I have found to have strong and rich colors, Number one is AuNaturale, they have some really good stuff, especially eye shadows and lipsticks. Then we have Jane Iredale, those two brands I have seen they have some really strong colors when it comes to eye shadows and lipsticks.

Why are we wearing a mask instead of makeup?

But I find it funny that these days we have decided to all look the same, l mean go to Instagram and you will see what I mean, same eye brows, same lashes, same nose, same lips, when did we decide to hide behind a mask? when did makeup become more about covering up rather than enhancing your beauty? when are we going to see your face?

Look I am not saying that I am any better, but at least the last couple of years I am wearing my makeup, my own way, I am not imitating anyone on Instagram or pinterest, let me share with you an incident that happened to me last year, so I usually don’t go to nail salons, but I had a big occasion, I think it was my birthday, so I decided to do something special.

So I booked an appointment at a nail salon to get my nails done professionally because l usually do them at home. So anyway I sat on the chair, and chose the color I wanted, and I chose the shape that I wanted my nails to be filed into, the girl asked me, don’t you want your nails in box shape that’s what is trending now? I said no thank you, I want the shape I just showed you, we kept having a little fight because she kept trying to shape my nails into box.

This led me to believe she had done so many box nails that she was just used to doing box nails in that season because that was what was trending. And this led me to a question, why do we all have to look the same?

Why are we so afraid of being ourselves, I mean since Kim Kardashian introduced her contouring kit, now all faces look the same, If you see one you’ve seen all especially the so called Instagram models.

So what I am trying to say is put your makeup to enhance your beauty and your own style. not to cover up, and your eyebrows don’t have to look like someone else s.

Actually I shape my own eyebrows and they don’t usually look the same all the time, sometimes l do a great job, and sometimes I do a crappy job, but so what? OK going back to our pros and cons of going green beauty, Let’s do the pros and cons of natural makeup.

Pros                                                                                    Cons

Safe for your skin                                                 Not available in shop near you

Great for  sensitive skin                       Some don’t have  strong and Bold colors

has oils minerals that are  good for skin           Some can be pricey

 Light letting the skin breath                                 Most come in small packages    

Gives you natural look finish

Easy to remove thus protecting your skin from tugging and pulling.

Does not irritate skin thus preventing out breaks

Safe for acne prone skin.

I did not talk so much about face-creams or other skincare products because those ones are widely available and you have a big selection when it comes to naturals skincare, its just makeup that we need more, and l hope my campaign will reach the right people responsible, l have actually contacted few brands with this issue and told them that we want more, more colors, more options, more natural makeup products. 

And now l will touch on how to transit to natural make up, first I hope you have already transitioned with skincare, like cleansers and creams and hair care, that shouldn’t be so difficult because as l said those products are available. Now with makeup just start slowly, when you  run out of something, buy a natural one, and before long, your dresser will have nothing but natural products to safely use on your skin with confidence.

Thank you so much for reading this article, hope you enjoyed it, please leave me a comment and let me hear your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you for your time,


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