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Hello and welcome to my site MY STORY Hi my name is Rose, I am a passionate self-motivated person, I love interacting with people from different walks of life, and I am  generally a talkative person so Its only natural that I would want to have a place where I can be free to share …

refineClay renewal treatment review
Skin Care

Refine Clay Face Renewal treatment Review

This is a review of Refine Clay Renewal Treatment by Blissoma Botanical Beauty. Product Name- Refine Clay Renewal Treatment Manufacturer-Blissoma Botanical Beauty Product category- Skin Exfoliation Quantity-2.4oz Use duration- 10 weeks if used once a week Product shelf life-12 months Price- $40 Is the product vegan?- Yes Suitable for acne prone skin?-Yes Rating of …

Skin Care

Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm Review

This is a detailed review of botanicals Foot Rescue Balm. Product name- Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm Price- 18 sterling pounds which come to about $ 23 Product category- Antibacterial, natural, organic foot Balm the speak-my-mind rank of this product- we give it 7 out of 10 This balm is suitable for people who have …