Lets take care of our skin its the only one we got.

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About Rose

Hello and welcome to my site MY STORY Hi my name is Rose, I am a passionate self-motivated person, I love interacting with people from different walks of life, and I am  generally a talkative person so Its only natural that I would want to have a place where I can be free to share …

Skin Care

Natural Makeup

It is possible to achieve a stylish fabulous look using non toxic make-up The big question is, can one do a natural makeup with no toxins involved whatsoever? meaning can you find all natural toxin free beauty products and look gorgeous, the answer is yes its is very possible, actually even if you like highlighters, …

Skin Care

What Is Going Green

Today I just want to ask, what is going green? people keep throwing that term around, I have gone green, my friends and I have decided to go green, but what does it mean? people like using words that perhaps they have heard being used in the news or on entertainment columns or on social …