We All want to have a Good yet safe non toxic  Lipstick  Right?

Today I would like us to talk about lipstick, not just about the shades and lasting power, but about how safe it is to put on your lips. and if its possible to find a toxin free lipstick.

If there is one thing we should be careful about when it comes to make-up, it’s our lipstick, I mean think about it, when you apply lipstick in the morning and by lunchtime you find most of it is gone, do you ever wonder where it’s gone? I know these days we have the matte lipsticks but even those do fade by the end of the day.

When Your Lipstick Fades where does it go?

So Let’s look at what is happening to your lipstick and where it’s ending up. First reason for your lipstick to fade could be that you are touching your face a lot and thus wiping your lipstick with your hands. Another reason could be that you are drinking water or coffee and your lipstick is been left on the cups or glass, of course with matte lipstick this doesn’t occur very much unless you are using the velvet matte.

So where is your lipstick disappearing to?? this will shock you and probably make you think twice when choosing a lipstick, most of your lipstick is ending up in your stomach, yeah that’s right, your lipstick is ending up in your tummy because you are probably licking your lips, and you are also eating food and some of your lipstick is getting on the food while you are eating.

And this apply to matte lipstick too because when a matte lipstick comes in contact with any kind of oil, it will rub off, that’s why they tell you to use oil for removing matte lipstick. Now this brings me to a question, is it safe to ingest lipstick? most of the lipsticks are made with ingredients that are not harmful, but at the same time are not meant to be eaten, but don’t worry if you ingest small amount of your lipstick, it’s not gonna make you sick.

I however advice you to try and not lick your lips so much, and when eating or drinking, try to be more careful, I mean we wear lipstick everyday(well I do) and so think about it, in a year, in two years how much lipstick would you or I have ingested?

I do have all kinds of lipsticks from different brands, and they are in different shades, and different kinds too, I sometimes use matte, velvet matte or just a good old lip gloss. So since I started blogging, I have been doing a lot of research about many things like make-up, skin care etc. And I have come across a lot of information that I didn’t know existed.

There are Many Lipsticks that are made from Natural Ingredients

For example, I have come across lipsticks that are made of natural ingredients and yet they look and feel so good on my lips, I am going to share a list of lipsticks that are made with natural ingredients, of course this does not mean that you can eat them.

It just means they are safer than our usual lip colors. It also doesn’t mean that I am going to throw away my Mac lipstick, no mam that stuff cost me a penny and a half so I am keeping it. But I will incorporate my natural lip colors with my normal lip colors, until I can fully transition to clean beauty.

So let me introduce you to safe non toxic lipsticks, I will start with 4 lipsticks that are made by a company called Butter London, this company is dedicated to creating non toxic make-up, their products are cruelty free, and they are  vegan suitable.

These four gorgeous lipsticks can be found at Butter London website, and they are safe to use and they are pocket friendly.

Ilia Lipstick

here pictured in shade Arabian Knights, is Lippy that is made with Coco Butter, and Jojoba oils with added vitamin e and pomegranate seed extract to hydrate and soften your lips while giving you a long-lasting color. And there are many shades to choose from.

Bare Mineral lipstick

this one has very good reviews, it’s a creamy moisturizing with a shiny finish, it’s formulated without parabens sulfate or phthalates, and there are a lot of shades to suit your taste.

Au Naturale Lipstick,

This one is so tempting, it’s very bold with many very enticing shades, that are Luxurious and rich, and the names of the shades are quite interesting, like Cha-Cha, Marrakesh or Spanish Rose, how about Night Sangria? mmmh very interesting, I am gonna put a picture of that one for sure. Well, this one promises natural hand crafted, without parabens or synthetic dyes or any toxic ingredients, and all raw ingredients are all cruelty-free.


OK here is one that’s 100% organic, Cruelty free and Gluten free, it’s creamy and promises full coverage leaving your lips feeling moisturized and it feels light at the same time. With many shades to choose from, you will surely find something you like.

Henne Organic

pictured in shade Azelea, this one is Swedish inspired made in America it gathered 4 and a half stars on Amazon, It is 100% natural and Organic enriched with Coconut oil and jojoba oil, it will hydrate and repair your lips if you have dry or cracked lips this one will do the job, it also contains antioxidant that have healing properties.

Hemp Organics

here pictured in Rose petal shade, it’s formulated with certified organic ingredients like Jojoba and castor oil and natural vitamin E, to give your lips a long-lasting yet moisturizing color.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella is an all day wear kind of Lippy, it’s gluten, paraben and Fragrance free, there are many shades to choose from and the color is very rich so a little goes a long way.

So that concludes my list for today, I will research some more and come up with more at a later date but for now please click on my links and get you some of these because I think they are really good.

Thank you for your time and please leave me a comment and tell me what you think about my list or if there is a lip color that you think should’ve been in this list, please I would love to hear it.

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