In this article we are going to look at how we can lose belly fat quick with a hula hoop ring, a hula hoop ring is a very useful tool and in recent years hula hoop has become a way of work out, these days you can purchase a hula hoop that is designed specifically for work out and weight loss, just like the one we are going to see on this article.

Lose belly fat quick with this hula hoop ring, you just need ten minutes a day, and in ten days you will start seeing the results (for me that’s how long it took). I had measured my waistline before starting the workout and at the end of ten days, after doing ten minutes every day, I had lost one inch. This ring is designed for weight loss so you will burn belly fat.

The holidays are here and we probably are going to eat a lot of good food, and we are going to probably gain a couple of pounds, and those pounds will end up on our waistline  well no need to stress, I have a solution to get rid of belly fat quick and without strain.

fitness hoop ring
my hulahoop

I got mine in this color but you can choose what color you prefer. and if you don’t know how to hula hoop, there are many videos on YouTube that will show you how to do it. but with this ring its very easy because its got added weight so it does not fall while you are hula hooping.


The benefits of using a fitness hula hoop are that it challenges you so you use your stomach muscles to keep it going thus burning fat on your belly and on your side(love handles)  you can also use it to tone your thighs. and also its fun, just play some music and try to follow the rhythm.

But what about storage?

Your ring will come in a box containing 8 parts that you are going to join together very easily because each part fits nicely into the next part. once you are done using it, you can take it apart again and put it back in its box, until next day or until when you want to use it. that’s if you don’t have space. I should also mention that you will get a dvd that will help you in using your hoop.

But if you have space, you can just hang it somewhere and be able to grab it and do your daily work out, I would suggest you do 3 minutes the first two days and then increase gradually, until you get to 10 minutes a day.

 So grab your hoop and get started, you can even invite your friends and have fun with it, I do that sometimes, it doesn’t have to be just for workout, you can use it to have some fun too.

if you have some questions or comments, please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.  

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