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Natural non toxic make-up

Natural Makeup

It is possible to achieve a stylish fabulous look using non toxic make-up The big question is, can one do a natural makeup with no toxins involved whatsoever? meaning can you find all natural toxin free beauty products and look gorgeous, the answer is yes its is very possible, actually even if you like highlighters, …

Natural non toxic make-up

Mineral Hygienics eye shadow Review

This is A full review of mineral Eye Shadow from Mineral Hygienics. Product Name-Mineral Eyeshadow-Sage Weight-032ouncesP Manufacturer-Mineral hygienics  company  based in USA Product Description-Pistachio/lime toned Green with generous sparkles. OK so I have eye shadow palette but my palette is missing a color that I really needed for an up coming occasion, so I got this eyeshadow from Amazon …

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