Has melanin become the enemy of beauty?

There is this American socialite known as Blac Chyna I think her real name is Angela Renee White. She is African American woman who have decided to promote a skin bleaching cream created by another socialite/musician from Cameroon.

And so Blac Chyna decide to travel to Nigeria to promote the bleaching cream. Nigeria and Africa at large is the highest user of skin Bleaching products followed by Asia, skin bleaching is an epidemic that has been going on for many years. And in America even big celebrities are lightening their skins.

And its gone so far that people are even taking tablet to kill melanin, yes apparently, melanin has become the enemy of beauty, and its been fought by all means necessary.

But why bleach your skin?

In this post I am going to share my experience and my view about skin bleaching. Well, I think in the case of Africa, rather than being considered beautiful for being dark skinned, I don’t know where we went wrong and started associating beauty with light skin.

And also technology has contributed to skin bleaching, if I watch the news on a Kenyan TV station, I am From Kenya by the way, the female news anchor, almost always will be light skinned, then our socialites haven’t helped either because they start of as dark skinned then as time goes by, they get lighter and lighter.

Its very sad because when little girls see that, then they think they must be light skinned to be considered beautiful, and so when they grow up, they follow the trend. And to be quite honest, that’s how it is, like if you watch African dating shows, 90% of men would say they are looking for a light skinned woman or a yellow yellow woman as they call them.

But we can complain all we want, the fact is in Africa, a light skinned model will be booked quicker than a dark skinned model, and even if you look at magazines, the model could be naturally dark skinned but, the magazine editors will lighten her skin on the pictures.

Will it ever stop?

I don’t think skin bleaching will ever stop, and I think even if Blac Chyna didn’t promote the cream, it will sell anyway because skin lightening is a multi million dollar industry. And even though there is so much information out there about the damage one is causing to their skin by using these so called skin lightening products. It seems like people don’t really care about that. They want light skin at any cost.

My experience with”beauty secret”

I remember when I was younger every young lady had what we called ”beauty secret” so a friend of mine decided to share her beauty secret with me. She introduced me to a cream, and the main ingredients in that cream were hydroquinone and mercury, of course I did not know the kind of damage those chemicals could cause on my skin and body at large.

Well, I went and bought the cream and started applying it on my face, by the fourth or fifth day, I started having pain on my cheeks, like I couldn’t go out in the sun, my skin was burning. And also my cheeks were turning red. So I went and complained to my friend, and she told me that it means the cream is working.

Yes my complexion had changed already, I was lighter on my face than on my neck, it was stupid really, because if I wanted to be a light skinned person, why would someone think I was a light skinned person if I am only light skinned on the face? I know stupid young mind.

So anyway, I had to stop the cream because It was burning my face, now when I stopped it, it took like 6 months for the skin on my face to go back to normal. I had to go see a dermatologist to give me some ointment to put on my face so it can heal and go back to normal.

Is it more popular now?

I don’t think skin bleaching is more popular than it was 20 years ago, I just think because of social media, its more exposed and I think that will make it spread even more. So I think we need to speak louder about the dangers and risks of skin bleaching or skin lightening.

All  black girls are beautiful no matter the shade

Black girls are so beautiful, regardless of the shade of Black, we come in many shades and they are all beautiful, from dark chocolate to caramel, the only concern we should have is if our skin is healthy and hydrated.

I am so worried about young girls who are exposing their young and delicate skin to these chemicals, the damage they are causing to their skin and health is heart breaking, I don’t know what it will take to convince young, people and sometimes even older ones, that being light skin does not necessarily mean beauty and being dark skin does not mean one is ugly.

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